Discover the Jordan Trail during a multi-day hike along this legendary trade route. Hike through the desert, canyons, mountains and oases and discover the life and culture of the Bedouin tribe. End your journey in the breathtaking Petra, one of the seven modern wonders of the world.

Picture of the Jordan Trail
Picture of the Jordan Trail
Picture of the Jordan Trail
Picture of the Jordan Trail

Hiking trip through Jordan

A trip to Jordan is a journey filled with ancient history, unparalleled adventures and fantastic views. Jordan is known as the hospitable heart of the Middle East, and the constant sunshine provides an extra warm welcome. In the distance, you'll see camels wandering through the desert, while you're surrounded by the smell of wild sage and hearing a shepherd calling his goats to the shade.



The Jordan Trail was chosen by National Geographic in 2018 as one of the "must-do" hikes in the world. This caravan route transported goods from Egypt and Syria to Saudi Arabia in Classical Antiquity and consists of 8 sections. Every day you will find yourself in a different oriental landscape, hiking through mountains, canyons, oases, and deserts. Always combined with a magnificent view.

During a 6-day trek, we will move from one Nabatean camp spot to another where you can spend the night in a tent. After the hike, you can relax and enjoy the delicious Bedouin hospitality. The daily hiking distance ranges from 14 km to 18 km.

Picture of the Jordan Trail
Picture of the Jordan Trail
Picture of the Jordan Trail
Picture of the Jordan Trail
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Highlight The Iceland Trail
Highlight The Iceland Trail
Highlight The Iceland Trail
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The Week Schedule

As The Jordan Trail is not the easiest trail to plan yourself, we have mapped out a well-balanced week schedule. In this schedule, we've made sure the hikes are never too long, nor too short, but still allow you to see the most beautiful highlights in 7 days. Our local guides adjust the route week by week based on the weather, so you can enjoy all the beauty of Jordan's nature to the fullest.



From October 15th to October 29th, we will be heading back to Jordan to discover the ancient trade route. There is room for a maximum of 30 people per week. The autumn editions of The Jordan Trail will depart on a Sunday:

  • Sunday 15/10 - Sunday 22/10
  • Sunday 22/10 - Sunday 29/10

Getting there

Flights to Amman:

Traveling to The Jordan Trail is quite easy due to the large number of flights to Queen Alia Airport Amman. So you can choose which departure airport is most easily accessible for you.

Shuttle service:

We provide a shuttle service to Dana from the center of Amman and Queen Alia Airport Amman. This service departs at 3:45PM on Sunday from the center of Amman and at 5:00PM from the airport. The shuttle from the Airport to Dana is included. Do you wish to take the shuttle in the center of Amman then there will be a fee of €15 p.p.

The meetingpoint in the center of Amman will be announced later.


We are convinced that The Jordan Trail offers many elements that make a trip to this beautiful destination a success.

  • Sleeping in unique locations in the middle of nowhere
  • A balanced route
  • An affordable price
  • The complete logistical organization (local transport, trail app, accommodation, local guide, English-speaking guide, food packs & options such as camping gear, …)


During the hike, you won't come across any restaurants or supermarkets. The only place where you can buy something is in Petra itself on the last day. So you need to bring enough snacks for the entire route. We recommend bringing some cereal bars, energy bars, or glucose to help you through the tougher parts of the trail.

You can join us for daily meals and enjoy the local Bedouin cuisine (+ €150).

BREAKFAST: Naan bread, hummus, jam, eggs, dates,... coffee and tea

LUNCH PACK: Naan bread, tuna, cheese, cucumber or tomato, fruit

DINNER: The local chef will prepare a delicious traditional Bedouin meal. Lots of fresh vegetables, chicken, rice, salads & salsas.

You are welcome to bring your own food on the trip. But we strongly recommend joining the cozy and delicious traditional Bedouin dinners.

How are the hikes organized?

At the beginning of the trip, you will receive a detailed trail app that extensively documents tips, tricks, and sights. There is no signage along the trail, so it is strongly discouraged to undertake this trip on your own. Every week, experienced English-speaking and local guides are present to show you the right way.

Superflex Cancellation Conditions

Book temporarily with our Superflex booking conditions (included if you sign up directly at the opening of the bookings). These allow you to cancel free of charge or change the dates of your stay (depending on availability) until July 1st. From July 1st, the standard cancellation policy applies.


During The Jordan Trail, you will mainly sleep in a tent. You can rent a 3-season tent, along with a mat and sleeping bag (+ €65), from us, so you don't have to buy it yourself and take it on the plane. The rental equipment will be ready in the jeep at the first stop.

The camping spots are all in the middle of nowhere, meaning that there are no sanitary facilities or running water available. However, you can refresh yourself at the campsites using the water provided. On the first evening, you will sleep in a lodge with basic comfort, in Petra you will sleep in a hotel, and on the last evening in Amman, you can optionally book a hotel stay through The Jordan Trail. Participants who register alone (or in an odd-numbered group) will share a room with another Jordan Trailer for these overnight stays. We always do our best to put trailers of the same gender in the same room.


What's the price?
The base price for this trip is € 550.
What is included?
  • 4 camping nights
  • 1 lodge night (Dana)
  • 1 hotel night (Petra)
  • All internal transports by shuttle - excluding pick up at Amman City Center
  • Baggage transport between camping spots
  • Water supply at each camping spot
  • Guidance from guides
  • The Jordan Trail app
What is not included?
  • Entrance for Petra €74
  • Visa: We strongly recommend buying a Jordan Pass, which you can do here. The entrance for Petra and your travel visa are included. This is cheaper than buying your visa and entrance to Petra separately (Jordan Pass ± €99). Choose the option with two days access to Petra.
  • Flights: All participants need to book their flights themselves. The whole group meets on Sunday at the Airport. (Meeting time will be communicated later)
  • Optional: Shuttle Amman - Dana for €15 p.p., this is a bus to the airport where you meet the rest of the group before driving to Dana. (Meeting time will be communicated later)
  • Optional: Bedouin Cuisine: Food & Water €150
  • Optional: Camping Gear Rental €65
  • Optional: Hiking poles €12
  • Optional: Cancellation Insurance €69
  • Optional: Last night in Amman - hotel €27/pp
For whom is this trail?

Everyone between the age of 16 and 65 who's in good shape, health and has a good dose of perseverance should be able to complete this trail. Be aware that it is a challenging trail, in an environment that you have (most likely) never encountered before. So make sure you are adequately trained to start the trail.

What should I bring?

Bring good hiking shoes (type B) that you feel comfortable enough to undertake a long trek. The terrain can be rough at times and will quickly wear down the soft sole of sports shoes or other unsuitable shoes.

Prepare for changing weather patterns. Be sure to bring protective rain gear and a warm piece of clothing. Especially in the evening, it can cool down significantly. It doesn't rain often, but when it does, it can be a heavy shower.

Depending on the person, you need 3 to 4 liters of water per hike. So make sure you can bring this on the trail with you - a camelbag is ideal for this.

Own tent

If you choose to bring your own tent, you also bring your own mat and sleeping bag (at least 2 seasons).

Jordan Trail camping gear

If you choose the Jordan Trail camping gear option, you will receive your tent, mat, and sleeping bag at the start of the route. This equipment is made from the most weather-resistant materials.

Sanitary facilities
During your time on the trail, you will not come across any sanitary facilities. You will therefore have to go to the toilet as our ancestors did here thousands of years ago. You can refresh yourself at the end of the day with the water brought by the jeeps. This is also your drinking water, so don't expect a shower.
Can I bring my drone to Jordan?
It is not allowed to bring a drone to Jordan. It will be confiscated upon arrival at the airport in Amman, so leave your drone at home.
Do I have to carry my backpack myself?
Every morning you can hand over your backpack to the jeeps (backpacks of maximum 60 to 80 liters), which will then take it directly to the next sleeping place. However, it is very important that you bring a sufficiently large daypack to carry the water, food and equipment you need during the day. We recommend a daypack of about 3 to 35L for this.
Jordan visa

The visa for Jordan costs about €55 and can be purchased upon arrival at the airport in Amman. It is also possible to buy the Jordan Pass (± €99), which combines your visa with your access to Petra. The Jordan Pass can only be purchased online in advance, it is important that you choose the option with 2 days Petra. You can buy the Jordan Pass here.

What about water?

It is very important to stay hydrated in the heat of Jordan, especially during hiking. Every evening and morning you will be able to replenish your water supply, so be sure to bring a camelbag/water bottles for a total of about 4 liters! This should normally get you through the day without any problems.

Note: Tap water in Jordan is not drinkable.

Trail signage
There are no arrows or signs along the trail itself. It is therefore very important to listen to the guides and keep a close eye on the route. You always follow the guides during the hike.
How can I offset my CO2 emissions?

The planet gives us so much beauty to admire, but if we want to continue enjoying it for a long time, we must protect it more than ever today. In the booking form, you can easily and reliably offset the CO2 emissions of your trip through Greentripper.

Your contribution will be used through the certified climate project Kariba to plant enough trees that convert the equivalent of your CO2 emissions into oxygen. In addition, with the Kariba project, you support the protection of 785,000 hectares of beautiful forests and the wildlife that lives in them, as well as local communities in Zimbabwe. Official carbon credit certificates will be issued to record your compensation.

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